To provide a professionally operated gift shop offering custom-tailored merchandise and superior customer service.


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At Lori’s Gifts...the difference is clear 

Lori’s Gifts is the nation's largest provider of gift shop outsourcing solutions. We operate shops in a variety of hospital and professional settings and offer custom-designed gift shops that reflect the individual facility - no cookie-cutter stores. From our high-end Zen & Now concept stores to our traditional gift shops, a Lori's gift shop means:

  • Opportunity for a guaranteed revenue from the gift shop
  • Consistent, expanded operating hours
  • No more inventory management - Lori's owns all inventory, not the hospital
  • No more payroll costs - all gift shop staff are Lori's employees
  • Volunteers have a venue for service supported by paid Lori's staff 

With Lori's you'll regularly see new and exciting merchandise, state-of-the-art retail design, and top-notch customer service. We offer a number of innovative ways to promote the gift shop within the hospital, including: 

  • Payroll Deduction - an employee benefit and sales driver
  • Logo Merchandise program
  • Department Charge Accounts - a great addition to service recovery programs
  • Frequent Customer Rewards Program
  • eCommerce companion site
  • New Employee / New Patient / New Mom / New Volunteer coupons
  • Stylish directional and advertising sign packages  

We are also Sodexo's only fullfillment partner for their hospital gift shop division. As the operator of all Sodexo Re:sourxe Stores, Lori's Gifts also offers the ability to integrate support for hospital service lines as well as clinical connections into the gift shop setting.

With more than 30 years of experience, excellent references and a successful track record, Lori's Gifts truly offers a hassle-free, custom gift shop solution.


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