Myra Evans, 10 Years
Store 402 Manager
Akron General in Ohio

Lori’s Gifts is thrilled to announce our first ever “Make Your Mark” Award recipient! Congratulations to Myra Evans, Store 402 Manager at Akron General in Ohio.

Over 80 submissions were sent into our Leadership Team, but Myra’s multiple nominations ultimately stood out, as they illustrated her heart and generosity in caring for her Guests. One particularly touching story is about a special needs guest who loves books but doesn’t understand that one cannot simply take a book off the Choice Book rack when leaving the shop. With two special needs brothers, Myra recognizes the disconnect, and allows the young customer to select a book that he likes every time he comes to the store. Once he leaves, Myra has a team member ring her up for the book. She understands how important it is for this young man to feel he has some control in his life. Myra has purchased almost 10 books for him this year, expecting nothing in return. She has definitely left a mark with this customer, and so many more.