Arlene Bubrow, 11 Years
Store Manager, store 557
St. Peter’s Unversity Hospital
New Brunswick, NJ

Congratulations to our April 2024 winner, Arlene Bubrow, Store 557  Manager at St. Peter’s University Hospital in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

“For the past year, Arlene has been actively performing small acts of kindness in her hospital and, in particular, with one young boy who is a patient there.  He is terminally ill. He looks to be about 4 years old.  His name is Miguel, and only speaks Spanish but that has not stopped a very apparent connection between him and Arlene. Every week Miguel comes for his treatments and cannot wait to visit the gift shop.  Every week, Arlene has bough him a piece of candy with her own money. His eyes light up when he enters the gift shop, and I have personally witnessed one of his visits with Arlene. If ever you need reassurance that there is good in this world, visit Arlene in 557 and witness her magic with Miguel for yourself. And I challenge you to keep your eyes dry!”

“Arlene exhibits and embodies our Vision, Mission, and Values every single day. Every time I visit store 557, hospital employees, including members of administration, share with me their adoration of Arlene and tell me how wonderful she is and what a great job she does. Just yesterday, someone from administration told me that when Lori’s took over the gift shop, we really cleaned it up from what it was before, but that when Arlene came aboard she brought the gift shop to a new level. Our partners share how much they love her every time I meet with them. Everyone loves Arlene!”

“I’ve nominated Arlene once already, for incredible kindness to a little terminally ill boy that comes in every week for treatments. Yesterday, I spent the day with her and witnessed her magic yet again. The internet went out temporarily, and we had the opportunity to spread some Lori’s Love.  Those stories were submitted yesterday, but there was something else that happened that proved to me that Arlene is truly making the hospital a better place:  A woman who clearly worked in administration walked with another gentleman employee into the gift shop. 

I was near the gift shop entrance, and we smiled at one another and said hello, but her attention immediately shifted back to her co-worker and said to him, “Come here, you have to meet her, she is amazing!” as she looked ahead at Arlene who was finishing up with a customer.  She introduced the man to Arlene and said to her friend, “Arlene is great, she will take good care of you. I have to get back now.”  The gentleman picked out a snack and purchased it, and Arlene made some small talk, of which I mostly missed. As he left the store, he smiled at me, and we exchanged goodbyes. Then Arlene came over to me and said, “Did you see the blonde woman who was just here?  She’s a big deal in this hospital.”  I asked who she was, and Arlene responded that she is Kimberly Hoffman, the new assistant to the CFO.   Customers came in all day, and a few of them came in at least twice…they clearly love Arlene and every time I am there, multiple people will tell me so. Our partner is extremely happy with Arlene, also.  It is clear that Arlene is a destination in St. Peter’s University Hospital in New Brunswick, NJ!” 

Arlene's Video