Diane Ferrucci, 2 years, 8 months
Store Manager, Store 188
Yale New Haven Hospital
New Haven-Hartford, CT

Congratulations to Diane Ferrucci, our June 2024 Make Your Mark Award recipient. Hospital Partners and administrators, co-workers, and supervisors came forward to nominate Diane for her outstanding work ethic, management practices and customer service. Read below to see what was said:

“Diane is a caring, kind, funny and passionate person. No matter how hectic things may get at the store she always keeps a level head and customer focused. Anyone who interacts with her walks away with a smile on their face, feeling cared for and confident to face the day. Throughout the year Diane holds little giveaways on her own. Example: during Nurses week Diane made a basket on her own and gave it away to a deserving Nurse to make their day brighter. We have done so many outreach/fundraising at Yale because of Diane. Even on her own time she volunteers and fundraising. She recently did a walk to help raise money for American Heart Association. She even named her team of walkers “Lori’s Fighting Lobsters”. She loves what she does and you can see that.”

“Diane’s positive attitude and willingness to go above and beyond for our patients, families, staff and customers of Lori’s is what makes her stand out and deserving of this award. Diane always demonstrates role model leadership behaviors. Examples of these behaviors are leading her team to excel when short staffed, open communication when issue arise and creative problem solving with the entire team included in the discussion.”

“Diane has been really involved when it comes to her employees… I can come to her for financial advice or college questions. She is focused on the store, but also on us, and on making a difference, often volunteering her services…”

“Wow! If you have ever worked with Diane, you would agree 200% that she owned this store. She knows her sales throughout the day, what’s in inventory and what’s out, she transfers from other stores to satisfy a customer request… If someone can’t make it in to work, she’s there to cover. Customers love her for her upbeat attitude and the attention she gives them. Diane doesn’t miss a trick!”

“I have been working long side Diane since August 2023. I have witnessed Diane go above and beyond with customer service for our customers day in and day out. As my manager she has shown me her dedication as a colleague and friend, working endless hours not only to cover our short staffed on call outs ,and to make sure our store looks its best at all times. She is always looking to make sure we have the best products for our customers and staff.”

“We have been working with the Gift Shop for 30 years and she has really turned the store around and is the most pleasant manager.”

“Diane is always helpful and goes out of her way to help and support everyone that comes into the store.”

Diane's Video

PHOTO, L to R: Kari Perez, Lori’s DM; Eileen Hansen, Sr. Manager, Volunteer Services; Diane Ferrucci, Store Manager; Tracy Sinnott, Lori’s Regional VP; Billye Bradley, Auxiliary Administrator; Hymie Glick, President, Yale New Haven Auxiliary