Doug Lane


As Lori’s Gifts Chief Merchandising Officer, Doug is relied upon to own, strategize, and execute on Sales Planning and Merchandising, Demand Planning, New Product Development Planning, Logistics & Distribution, Supply Chain, Sourcing, Quality, and Compliance & Regulatory.

Doug is a 30-year veteran of the Consumer and Enterprise Electronics Industry. He has a strong passion for product, has an eye for detail, and is focused on the consumer experience. Uniquely, he has been seated on both sides of the desk and has a strong perspective on being the buyer and the seller.

Doug has a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from Rutgers College in New Jersey. Within the company, he takes pride in ensuring Lori’s supply of convenient products to enhance and satisfy the needs of visitors, patients and staff within the hospital. These carefully selected products provide great solutions for making time spent on campus more comfortable and satisfying, delivering thoughtfulness for co-workers, visitors, or patients staying at the hospital.

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